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Moving Company Irvine


It's all in the planning.

Planning to move? To, from or within Irvine? Well then, plan to call the movers Irvine residents turn to when they need a smooth move. Starving Students Movers of Irvine. They're just what the planner ordered.

Irvine is a suburban incorporated city in Orange County, California. It is what is known as a planned city, developed mainly by the Irvine Company since the 1960s.

The city's mission statement is "to create and maintain a community where people can live, work, and play in an environment that is safe, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing."

And pleasing it is. Irvine is divided into townships (called villages) and many of these are so pristine, it feels like you should take your shoes off before you walk outside.


The planners planned it so that there is always something nice to look at, no matter where you are in Irvine. Figuratively speaking, Irvine gets the municipal version of a pedicure every month. Of all the moving companies Irvine businesses and residents use, Starving Students Movers loves the the beauty of Irvine and delights in moving its residents with the same efficiency that make Irvine such a model city.

At Starving Students, we understand the planning that goes into transforming space into a place. So we know good looks and great planning when we see them. We're one moving company Irvine can be sure of. After 40 years in the moving business, Starving Students truly respects, admires and appreciates Irvine's planners and the beautiful job they did.

Irvine really is a model city.

All the streets have a landscaping allowance. Rights-of-way for power lines also serve as bicycle corridors, parks and greenbelts to tie together ecological preserves. The greenery that seems to be everywhere in Irvine is irrigated with reclaimed water.

But Irvine is not just beautiful and efficient.

...and brains...

Irvine is smart. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, Irvine is ranked 7th in the nation, among cities with populations of at least 100,000, for having the highest percentage of people who are at least 25 years old with doctoral degrees.

And the awards go to...

Good schools, jobs, and housing, made Irvine the 4th best place to live in the United States, according to in 2008

In September 2011, BusinessWeek listed Irvine as the 5th best city in the US.

In June 2010, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI to you and me) reported that among cities in the U.S. with populations above 100,000, Irvine ranked 1st with the lowest violent crime rate.

As you can see, planning worked for Irvine. Now the Irvine moving company that can best help you plan, and execute, your move from the very, very beginning to the final, final end is Starving Students Movers.

Starving Students Movers...

Remember, Starving Students Movers is your best choice for preparing to move, packing supplies, moving supplies, buying boxes, setting up storage, local moves, long distance moves and more.

We'll see to it that you get the best move of your life, no matter where you're moving from or moving to.

At Starving Students Movers we put our heart into every move.

Customer Reviews

"Best decision we have ever made in a move. Robert and Alfred were absolutely amazing. They worked quickly and were very careful with our things. When it came time to move our Sub Zero very heavy refrigerator up the stairs and into our condo....they did it!(our sofa was no easy task either) I was so amazed at their determination to complete this difficult task. I would definitely recommend them to anyone...anytime! Thank you Alfred and Robert for a wonderful job!"

-- Dean G.

"M Kinley Strahan and T were very professional, polite and worked together very well. All of our belongings were handled with the utmost care. These men worked without taking a break. We bought them each a large drink before we left for the destination, 46 miles away, and that was the only time they were not moving furniture. We were very pleased with the move and will not hesitate to recommend your company."

-- Paula C.

"Daniel and Travis were our movers from Lodi to Reno. They did an excellent job and took great care to ensure what needed wrapping for protection was done. They were courteous and clear about the process and prices. By the way, the cost was at least 1/2 of the other 2 quotes I received from competitors and I do not see how the competitors could have done better. They unloaded our stuff and placed each item in the place in the room that we requested. All in all we couldn\'t have been happier with the entire experience. Obviously I would recommend them highly. Thank you."

-- Steve C.

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