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Mesa Movers

Mesa moving companies

Mesa, one of our nation's fastest growing cities, is a suburb about 20 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona. It is the third-largest city in Arizona and the 38th-largest city in the US. With almost 440,000 people, you may be surprised to learn that Mesa has a larger population than several big-name cities like Atlanta, Miami, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Cleveland.

Mesa is the Spanish word for table. At Starving Students, we're the movers Mesa residents should know can't help but love a city named after furniture.

But there's so much more we love about Mesa, besides the great name.

The history of Mesa dates back to the arrival of the Hohokam people over 2,000 years ago. The Hohokam, Native Americans whose name means "All Used Up" or "The Departed Ones", constructed hundreds of miles of canals. Many are still used today.

Staying cool...Throwing heat...

Hohokam stadium is where the Chicago Cubs play during spring training. Cactus League Spring Baseball games are a blast and we catch them whenever possible. Baseball is not a summer sport out here, mostly because it's just too dang hot.

The average high temperature in July is 106. Let's repeat that. Average high, 1-0-6. But Starving Students is one moving company Mesa doesn't have to worry about. We've been moving people around here for so long, we're acclimated. And of course we're never far from an air conditioner.

Speaking of air conditioners, it was the advent of A/C that allowed Mesa and many other cities in the Phoenix area to grow so rapidly. Aerospace and healthcare professionals moved in, bringing their families, and thus, the public school system grew and grew, until now it is the # 1 employer in the city.

Learn, baby, learn...

Of course these schools need lots of employees, look at all the students. Over 24,000 full and part-time students are enrolled at Mesa Community College. The Polytechnic campus of Arizona State University enrolls over 6,000 students in scientific and engineering fields. There are several other venues of higher education, plus numerous kindergarten through high school students populating schools throughout this large city.

Go with the flow...

To beat the heat, the City of Mesa operates nine swimming pools. They contain more than 6.2 million gallons of water. Perhaps because we specialize in stress-free moves, one of our favorite water attractions is the Flowrider - where you can surf the desert on a man-made wave. It's so much fun, we're still trying to figure out how to be the first Mesa moving company to use it to move furniture.

The spirit of moving...

As we look around Mesa, we love the wide open spaces and easy access to do most of our moves. Driving a truck around Mesa is a breeze. A warm desert breeze that cools us down and lifts our spirits after a hard days work.

The people of Mesa can always count on Starving Students Movers to give you our all. We are professional, courteous, efficient local movers that will provide you with a great move at a fair price. We'll help you with every aspect of your move, from pre-planning to discounted moving supplies to hooking up appliances. So just relax and leave the moving to us.

Of all the moving companies Mesa has to offer, remember, you can't go wrong with Starving Students Movers. We put our heart into every move.

Customer Reviews

"Best decision we have ever made in a move. Robert and Alfred were absolutely amazing. They worked quickly and were very careful with our things. When it came time to move our Sub Zero very heavy refrigerator up the stairs and into our condo....they did it!(our sofa was no easy task either) I was so amazed at their determination to complete this difficult task. I would definitely recommend them to anyone...anytime! Thank you Alfred and Robert for a wonderful job!"

-- Dean G.

"M Kinley Strahan and T were very professional, polite and worked together very well. All of our belongings were handled with the utmost care. These men worked without taking a break. We bought them each a large drink before we left for the destination, 46 miles away, and that was the only time they were not moving furniture. We were very pleased with the move and will not hesitate to recommend your company."

-- Paula C.

"Daniel and Travis were our movers from Lodi to Reno. They did an excellent job and took great care to ensure what needed wrapping for protection was done. They were courteous and clear about the process and prices. By the way, the cost was at least 1/2 of the other 2 quotes I received from competitors and I do not see how the competitors could have done better. They unloaded our stuff and placed each item in the place in the room that we requested. All in all we couldn\'t have been happier with the entire experience. Obviously I would recommend them highly. Thank you."

-- Steve C.

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