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New Orleans Movers

Who dat?

It's Starving Students, the New Orleans moving company with heart.

New Orleans has several nicknames. Most popular are The Crescent City due to the shape of the Lower Mississippi River as it winds through the city, Hollywood South due to the many films shot there since 2002, NOLA an acronym for New Orleans, LA., and our favorite, The Big Easy.

Some say musicians gave New Orleans the name The Big Easy due to the relative ease of finding work there. Others say it came from the Prohibition era, when the city was one big speakeasy.The term was used by a local columnist in the 70s to contrast local life to that of New York City aka The Big Apple. Also, the name can refer to New Orleans' being a major city.

Those are all good theories. But here at Starving Students Movers New Orleans we've always thought it referred to our BIG trucks and friendly, experienced movers that make moving day EASY for all our New Orleans neighbors. We offer lots of services like discounted prices on boxes, moving checklists, packing services, storage and much more. All designed to make moving as stress free as possible for our clients. Very, very stress free. Not small easy. Big Easy

When you're researching New Orleans moving companies, remember Starving Students Movers, we put our heart into every move. No wonder we're the movers New Orleans folk describe as "tres gentile".

1000s party on one Quarter

New Orleans is, simply put, one of the most fun cities in the world. The city is famous for its architecture, food, music, celebrations, Super Bowl parties, annual festivals, and of course, the biggest party in the US, Mardi Gras, aka Carnival, proud sponsor of massive hangovers since 1703.

"America's Favorite Cities", a poll conducted by Travel & Leisure magazine, ranked New Orleans first in ten categories, the most first-place rankings of the 30 cities in the poll. Respondents said New Orleans is the best U.S. city as a
1. spring break destination and
2. for "wild weekends",
3. stylish boutique hotels,
4. cocktail hours,
5. singles/bar scenes,
6. live music/concerts and bands,
7. antique and vintage shops,
8. cafés/coffee bars,
9. neighborhood restaurants, and
10. people watching.

The city ranked second for gay friendliness (behind San Francisco), straight friendliness (behind Charleston), bed and bath hotels and inns, and ethnic food.

The French Quarter (we locals call it "the Quarter" or Vieux Carré), contains many popular hotels, bars, nightclubs and of course, Bourbon Street, where every person is a potential bar selling omnipotent Hurricanes.

"Jazz Fest", one of the largest music festivals in the nation, features throngs of people from the world over. All here to experience music, food, arts, and crafts.

If you party too much and become a nuisance at "Voodoo Fest", another large music festival featuring local and international artists, don't worry, it will just feel like someone is sticking pins into your eyeballs.

A Moving Van Named Desire

There are many ways to get around New Orleans. Moving van, automobile, bicycle, train, ferry and the city's most famous mode of transportation, the streetcar. Made famous by the Tennessee Williams play and movie, A Streetcar Named Desire, the streetcar line to Desire Street is now a bus line. A Bus Route Named Desire just doesn't have quite the same...oomph.

Don't call it a comeback

When in New Orleans, you'd be lucky to see a traditional New Orleans funeral. Begrudgingly called "jazz funerals" by locals, they feature sad music on the way to the cemetery and happier music (hot jazz) on the way back. These jazz funerals personify the indomitable spirit and spirituality of New Orleans.

Many thought that the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 marked the end for this flamboyantly fun-loving city. But the people of NOLA work as hard as they play. Harder. They, with the help of the US govt and people and cities around the world, worked tirelessly to get the city back on track. By June 2007, the city was at two-thirds of the pre-Katrina population.

In 2013, as neighborhoods are rebuilt and people move back into their communities, we know there are several moving companies New Orleans residents can call for help. We wish them the best and hope they will consider using Starving Students Movers, a moving company New Orleans can rely on, as their movers of choice as they rebuild the city and bring it back to its earlier glory and beyond.

Customer Reviews

"Best decision we have ever made in a move. Robert and Alfred were absolutely amazing. They worked quickly and were very careful with our things. When it came time to move our Sub Zero very heavy refrigerator up the stairs and into our condo....they did it!(our sofa was no easy task either) I was so amazed at their determination to complete this difficult task. I would definitely recommend them to anyone...anytime! Thank you Alfred and Robert for a wonderful job!"

-- Dean G.

"M Kinley Strahan and T were very professional, polite and worked together very well. All of our belongings were handled with the utmost care. These men worked without taking a break. We bought them each a large drink before we left for the destination, 46 miles away, and that was the only time they were not moving furniture. We were very pleased with the move and will not hesitate to recommend your company."

-- Paula C.

"Daniel and Travis were our movers from Lodi to Reno. They did an excellent job and took great care to ensure what needed wrapping for protection was done. They were courteous and clear about the process and prices. By the way, the cost was at least 1/2 of the other 2 quotes I received from competitors and I do not see how the competitors could have done better. They unloaded our stuff and placed each item in the place in the room that we requested. All in all we couldn\'t have been happier with the entire experience. Obviously I would recommend them highly. Thank you."

-- Steve C.

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