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Starving Students Movers Company

When choosing a moving company, get as much information as possible. Below are some helpful questions to ask moving companies you're considering:
  • Are they are licensed and insured?
  • How do they charge hourly or by weight?
  • Are there any additional fees?
  • Do they charge extra for large items?
  • Is there a minimum number of hours or a minimum charge?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • What are the procedures if damage or loss occurs?
  • Are the movers full-time employees or day laborers?
  • How will you be charged for travel time?
  • Will my items be insured during the move?
  • Are there things they will not move?
  • Ask for references.

Customer Reviews

"Best decision we have ever made in a move. Robert and Alfred were absolutely amazing. They worked quickly and were very careful with our things. When it came time to move our Sub Zero very heavy refrigerator up the stairs and into our condo....they did it!(our sofa was no easy task either) I was so amazed at their determination to complete this difficult task. I would definitely recommend them to anyone...anytime! Thank you Alfred and Robert for a wonderful job!"

-- Dean G.

"M Kinley Strahan and T were very professional, polite and worked together very well. All of our belongings were handled with the utmost care. These men worked without taking a break. We bought them each a large drink before we left for the destination, 46 miles away, and that was the only time they were not moving furniture. We were very pleased with the move and will not hesitate to recommend your company."

-- Paula C.

"Daniel and Travis were our movers from Lodi to Reno. They did an excellent job and took great care to ensure what needed wrapping for protection was done. They were courteous and clear about the process and prices. By the way, the cost was at least 1/2 of the other 2 quotes I received from competitors and I do not see how the competitors could have done better. They unloaded our stuff and placed each item in the place in the room that we requested. All in all we couldn\'t have been happier with the entire experience. Obviously I would recommend them highly. Thank you."

-- Steve C.

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